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Oak Glen Triptych

Ravenstone Tiles has collaborated with printmaker Yoshiko Yamamoto of Arts & Crafts Press to produce this three tile set titled "Oak Glen Triptych". The tiles are based on Yoshiko's print of the same name. This scene was inspired by Yoshiko's visit to Santa Barbara, California, and captures the beauty of the sunny California hills and the oak trees.

This tile set measures 8 1/4" high by 17 1/4" wide, allowing 1/4" gaps between the three tiles. The tiles have a flat surface with black lines in between the colors creating a mosaic or stained glass appearance. These tiles can be customized by changing the sky color, foliage color and foreground.

Colors shown: sky blue in the sky, pale green foreground, emily purple bushes; sky blue in the sky, tan/buff foreground with orange poppies.

Pricing: $350.00

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