Ravenstone Tiles will be accepting tile orders through October 15th, 2021. After that we’ll be taking some down time to regroup and reorganize the business, possibly resuming business sometime in early 2022 on a limited basis. If you have orders in progress or questions feel free to contact Laura at 360-379-6951 or cedar@olypen.com. Thank you so much!


Custom House Numbers

We will impress your house number on a slab of clay, creating a durable weather-resistant ceramic tile. Our address tiles will withstand extreme heat and cold, rain, ice and snow. They will not corrode or fade. The actual numbers measure 4" high on tiles of various shapes and sizes.
You may choose one number per tile or multiple numbers on a tile. We offer horizontal, diagonal or vertical format.

The tiles may be made with optional screw holes for mounting. We can also customize your tile by adding decorative accents of your choice at no extra charge. Please reference the image of sample accents.

If you'd like, you may pair your horizontal house number with one or more 6" high tiles such as our 6" art nouveau tree, 6" pine cone or 6" oak leaf tiles. If you have a vertical format tile, our 4" tiles go nicely above and below. There is an additional charge for adding decorative tiles.


Single Numbers (click to see more examples)

Two Digit Numbers (click to see more examples)

Three Digit Numbers (click to see more examples)

Four Digit Numbers (click to see more examples)


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