Frequently Asked Questions at Ravenstone Tiles

tilesDo you have a printed catalog?
No. Our website is our catalog. It shows our constantly evolving line of products and is frequently updated.

How do I place an order?
You may phone us or send an email with your order information, including the tiles you want, how many of each, color preferences, and your name / address / phone number. We'll calculate your total with shipping and let you know the amount due. We request payment at the time you place your order. In the case of large orders (over $300) we request one half the total as a deposit with the balance due upon shipment.

What methods of payment do you accept?
Currently we accept personal / business check, money order, Paypal, Mastercard, VISA, American Express and Discover Card. If paying by credit card, please do not send your card information in an e-mail! Phone us with this information instead: 360-379-6951 Pacific Time.

tiles What is your minimum order?
There is no order too small!

How do you ship tiles?
We use U.S. Priority mail for almost all orders. This is usually the fastest and the least expensive. If you prefer another shipping service please let us know when you place your order.

Do you ship overseas?
We no longer ship overseas, so sorry. We do accept orders from Canada but shipping costs are quite high. Please request a quote when you order.

How long will it take to get my order?
We are able to fill most orders in 3 to 4 weeks. Large orders may take a while longer.

How accurate are the colors shown on my monitor?
When we scan our tiles we make every effort to ensure that the colors are as accurate as possible. However, every computer monitor is different and what you see may not be the exact color of the glaze. We can provide free glaze samples through the mail if color matching is critical. (see below)

How do I order glaze samples?
Please let us know what colors you are interested in and we'll be happy to send you some free samples via mail. We request that you return them when you are done with them so we can reuse the samples.

Am I limited to tiles in the color schemes shown on your web site?
No. You can pick and choose from any of our glaze colors to fully customize your tile(s). The images we show are examples. Visit our Colors page to see what we offer.

Can you do custom design work?
Yes, we can do design work and create custom tiles at a rate of $30 / hour.

What if I am not happy with my tiles?
We will refund your purchase price or replace tiles within 30 days of receipt, as long as they have not been installed or altered. After this period we will handle the return on a case-by-case basis. There are no exchanges or refunds on custom designs such as house number tiles (unless damaged/defective). Please see our 'Return Policy'.

Do you make frames or sell frames for your tiles?
No. Although we do not make or sell frames, there are links on our web site that will direct you to some quality frame-makers. See 'Resources'.

Do you have a store or gallery that carries your work?
We currently sell tiles only through our web site and on our Etsy shop 'RavenstoneTiles' ( Although we do not have a gallery, you are welcome to visit our home studio if you are in the area. Please call ahead so we know to expect you.

How durable are your tiles?
Our tiles are fired to a stoneware temperature, making them resistant to extremes of heat and cold. They will withstand scorching sun and freezing weather without cracking or fading. They are suitable for use in wet or dry locations.

Do I need to seal tiles that are installed in a bathroom or kitchen backsplash?
Although it is not essential, we suggest that you seal tile installations that will be exposed to food splashes and liquids such tea / coffee / juice. Some of our matte glazes and the grout lines could potentially be affected by staining.

Do you make field tiles?
We currently do not make field (plain) tile or trim tile due to space limitations. But if you need only a simple border set to surround your art tiles, please inquire. That might be possible.

How thick are your tiles?
Our tiles measure, on average, 1/2" thick. Some areas of the tile designs are raised and may stand higher than this, other areas are slightly lower, around 3/8".

What is the surface finish of your glazes?
Most of our glazes have a matte to satin surface and only a few are glossy. We tend to use glazes that are reminiscent the of Arts & Crafts aesthetic: muted colors and matte or satin finishes.

Are the tile designs raised or indented?
Most of our tiles have a raised, sculpted surface. The exception to this are the house numbers, decorative accents and petroglyph tiles which are indented designs. Our grouted tiles ("mosaic style") have flat surfaces.

How large are your house number tiles?
Each tile is a different size depending on how many digits are in your number and the type of decorative accent. The number itself is 4" in height, which meets most urban codes. On average, the horizontal tiles are 5 1/2" to 6" high, with the width variable. The vertical tiles are about 3" to 4" wide with the height variable. For more specifics, please contact us.

Is there a way to hang your tiles without framing them?
All of our molded 6"x 6" and 4"x 4" tiles and some of our tile sets come with notches in the back to allow hanging on a nail or hook. If you need notches in your tiles, please request them at the time of ordering. You can also use small brads, nails, "L" pins, or even tile adhesive to affix the tile to a wall.

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