Gallantry - Mosaic Style Art Tile

Gallantry was created in 2015 and designed to capture the spirit of the Arts & Crafts movement. This piece was created as a companion to Reverie but is also available separately. This tile mosaic measures approximately 17" high by 12" wide. The tiles are 1/2" thick.

Gallantry consists of 4 large sections plus 20 border pieces. The tiles have a flat surface with black grout lines that define the shapes and enhance the mosaic effect. Gallantry has the look and feel of a carefully pieced-together image, much like a stained glass window, but made of tile.

Gallantry is available in pieces, unmounted and without grout. You may install it and apply your own grout and tile sealer. (Note: black sanded grout is required to achieve the mosaic look.)

We can create a customized Gallantry mosaic in colors of your choice. This image is only an example. Options include changing the hair color, armor color, landscape and the sky effects. The border tiles can also be made in a range of glaze colors.

Colors shown: pine green border, blue violet sky, gray armor, black hair, and gray green in the distant hills.

Pricing: $350.00

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